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We know it is difficult to get students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Plasma Games engages students by connecting STEM curriculum to the real world using technologies they love. Don’t let the next generation drift through life aimlessly. Play Plasma Games to instantly change lives forever!

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About Sci-Ops: Global Defense

Game Story

An alien race called "The Hive" has invaded Planet Earth and taken over critical parts of the energy infrastructure -- creating pollution and damaging ecosystems in the process. Humanity's best chance for survival is an elite group of scientists and engineers known as scientific operatives, or "Sci-Ops",  who use their combined scientific knowledge to fight back against The Hive and fix the environment. Players take the role of Nikole, a high school junior, and her team as they defend their town and join Sci-Ops. 

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Join the ranks of Sci-Ops to learn science and save the planet!

By playing the educational game, players will learn curriculum from:

  • physical science courses, like chemistry and physics,
  • introductory engineering courses, and
  • scientific method, sampling and statistics, all framed within
  • social context of climate change and other grand challenges.

The educational game is built from NGSS and state standards. It was designed to focus on core concepts, crosscut subjects and scale with users. And it embeds each within a broader narrative to add meaning to each lesson.

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Curriculum supplement
aligned to NGSS and
state science standards

Designed to integrated with
your science curriculum


The educational game was designed with science teachers, for science teachers. This ensures that the educational game integrates with:

  • your syllabus,
  • your curriculum, and
  • your classroom activities and labs,

    in order to work for your students!

The educational game can be used to spark discussion, introduce new concepts, enrich the lesson with more real world context, test understanding or substitute a lab experiment. It is flexible and will supplement your class as you want and need it.

In order to progress in the game, players will rescue scientists and engineers who share knowledge of useful scientific principles that help defeat The Hive. Each concept is embedded in a real world application that has in-game effects.

Players also learn about the backgrounds and careers of the scientists and engineers that they rescue. As a result, students are exposed to a range of exciting and in-demand STEM professions and areas of expertise, like laser scientists, robotics expertise, aeronautical engineers, telecommunications specialists and more!

Concepts tied to real world
applications and technologies,

as well as exciting STEM careers

Unprecedented learning efficacy

A large-scale Pilot of the educational game across North Carolina schools showed that the educational game is able to effectively teach high school chemistry with 99.9% confidence. After only a 30-minute demo, students boosted the number of correct answers to NC end of grade (EOG) chemistry exam questions by +26%. 

Students also saw improvements in STEM self-efficacy and STEM career interest.

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80% of students gave positive ratings to the educational game, and a similar number reported that they wanted Sci-Ops included in their chemistry classes.

100% of teachers in the Pilot want to use Sci-Ops with their class.

Download Results tear sheet

Students and Teachers

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